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Eye Color Change Exercise

green to purple


Photoshop Assignment 01: Portrait II

In this assignment, I was asked to edit a photo of myself which reflected a part of my identity. I took a photo of me and my siblings at the MOMA in New York City. The result reflects our individual personalities and passions for art, writing, and music respectively.

“MOMA Dreams”



Photoshop Assignment II: Rewriting History

To put myself into a 1930s workout photoshoot, I dressed up in my most similar get-up, took some photos, turned it black and white, adjusted the grain of the photo to match the scene, and placed myself in the class!

“Delusions of Fitness”

Work Out_.jpg

These are the elements that went into the process:


Photoshop Assignment III: Deconstruction/Reconstruction

For this project, I broke down a photo into a series of elements, and reconstructed a brand new scene. To do this I used my own photo from a coffee shop that I like to visit. Here is my original photo, and resulting scene I created.

Original photo | Reconstruction (Final)

“Almost Enchanted After All”


Illustrator Assignment 01: Iconic Portrait

Using illustrator and text, I recreated an iconic photo of Doris Day out of her most popular song titles.


Illustrator Project 02: Insects, Spiders and Other Bugs…OH MY!!!

Using tracing and gradient features on Illustrator, I recreated this species of butterfly and included its scientific name.


Illustrator Project 03: Personal Logo

This is the logo I made for my personal brand. It includes my initials (M.E.C.) and the color scheme and style are appropriate for a writer and creator, while remaining professional.


InDesign Assignment 01: Stationary Package

I created a polished personal brand with business cards, letterheads, envelopes, and a brochure resume.

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 11.42.50 AMScreen Shot 2016-05-04 at 11.43.13 AMScreen Shot 2016-05-04 at 11.43.36 AM